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Glacier National Park, Montana

Glacier National Park is one of the most intact and largest ecosystems from North America. The landscape is amazing:  the views from Going to the Sun Road over the wonderful Divide Continental are amazing. You can also have a great experience visiting the Park using a car or Red Jammer’s busses. Glacier National Park has one million of acres of craggy peaks, grizzly bears and mountain goats, clear alpine lakes and the glaciers are the most amazing and unbelievable things to admire here- you always remain speechless seeing them.

Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park is a real paradise. Endless landscapes, craggy peaks that rise to the sky, the rough places fill your soul with peace and happiness. You will never forget your experience on Going-to-the-Sun Road. Here you can admire alpine vistas, wildflowers, and amazing waterfalls along the entire road. Travelling in Going-to-the-Sun Road is an experience that cannot be compared with anything else.


If you want to admire wolves, bears, or bison, go to Yellowstone. You can see here geological wonders that cannot be described in words. Subalpine forest is populated with magnificent wild animals that can be seen and admired only here.


Glacier National Park means consecrated places from its plains to its peaks. Alot of Indian tribes live here. Blackfeet tribe (15,560 members), Crow tribe live in this reservation. You can see Confederate Salish or Kootenai tribes in Flathead Indian Reservation. In Fort Belknap Reservation there are two tribes: Gros Ventre  and Assniboine or Nakoda. But there are many others tribes that live here and are worth to be seen.


Other places that must be visited are: Missouri River Breaks National Monument, C.M. Russel National Wildlife Refuge that will leave you speechless with its huge and varied collection of amazing wildlife, the Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area where you can enjoy camping, fishing or boating, etc.


If you ask yourself where you can stay during your visit here there’s no reason to worry. You can choose from the numerous motels and hotels that offer their visitors a soft place where to rest. Montana Bed & Breakfasts are well known for their comfortable and chic accommodation. If you want to spend the night under the light of the stars you can choose camping places. And lodges can offer you a cozy and charming night in front of a fire.


On January 20, February 15-17, April 19-20, August 25 and November 11 the entrance in Glacier National Park Montana is free. For the rest of the year, a 7-day park pass costs $25 during the summer (from May 1 to October 31) and $15 during the winter (November 1-April 30). For the tour groups the fees depend on the vehicle capacity. So, for 1-6 seats/visitors the fee is of $12.00 per person and $25.00 for the vehicle; for vehicles of 7-15 seats/visitors the fee is of $75.00 for vehicle; for 16-25 seats/passengers the fee is of $100.00 per vehicle; and for 26+seats: $200.00.